Study Organising Project

"The Clutterflies are decluttering angels.  Fast, reliable, organised and diligent, they were able to transform my dumping room into a spacious & systemised office space.  Plus the items they sold, paid for their service, A win-win must have service for all!"

Elise, North London
(Feb 2022)

Declutter and Home Staging Project

"I couldn't have done it without you lovely ladies.  What started off as an overwhleming clear out task, turned into a fun, efficient highly successful transformation. Thank you so much"

Trudi, Plaistow
(Jan 2022)

Wardrobe Refresh

''Julie and Cherry were lifesavers in helping me sort out my wardrobes before I was moving house.  They were efficient and organised.  They decluttered my space, and provided storage solutions, and I can now see my clothes and shoes properly to see what I want to wear each day!  They also took away some of my designer items that Ive been meaning to sell and made me some money in the process.   I strongly recommend 'The Clutterflies'  to anyone wanting a bit of help who don't have the time or the inclination  to sort through their items.  Tidy house, is definitely a tidy mind in my case!''

- Amanda, Housewife
(Dec 2020)

Probate House Project

"Clutterflies offers a wide service the objective being to create tidiness out of chaos.

We asked Clutterflies to clear a house of furniture and personal items and to sell as many of these items as possible, or offer these to charities, and as a last resort to take the remainder to the tip.

In our opinion they did a splendid job for us. They delivered on their promises in a prompt, friendly and efficient manner.

They kept rigorously to their timetable and never let us down.  The house and the garage (which we did not know about at the beginning) were cleared within the timeframe promised.

All along they were upfront with costs and if they anticipated that the job might take longer than originally budgeted for they were clear as to the reasons for the increase in time and costs, which were clearly itemised, and gave us the option to continue or not.

In the particular job they did for us they showed initiative, energy and enthusiasm and above all integrity. They were always pleasant and engaging.  They spared no effort to see that they did the best for us.  No research was too much and items in the house which could not be auctioned were sold on ebay or car boot sales. 

They are very professional with an impressive network of contacts.  In the end the property was left immaculately clean and tidy.

- Daphne Davidson Kelly, Consultant Solicitor
(Jan 2021)

House sale/ Clearance Project

We wanted to express our huge appreciation for undertaking the clearance of our much-loved flat.  We were so dreading it but your professionalism and your 'can-do' approach, together with your willingness to go the extra mile (literally!) made the entire operation completely stress free for us.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 lockdown made the sale and disposal of the contents rather a logistical nightmare, but you managed to achieve it all with amazing energy and good humour.  We are so grateful to you both.

-Adrian and Kina Abbott
(Feb 2021)

House sale/ Clearance Project

I contracted The Clutterflies to do the huge job of clearing my parents' home after a massive downsize - they went from a 7 bedroomed house to a 2 bed flat.  They had lived in the house for 20 years.  As the move happened at the peak of Covid infections and the country was in lockdown and my parents were vulnerable, I needed help with the clearance.  Julie visited the house prior to the move, and was reassuring and kind to my parents and me.  She and Cherry sent through a quote which we felt was worth every penny.  We were not wrong.  Julie and Cherry had 2 weeks to clear the house - every cupboard, every bookshelf, old clothes, piles of old documents, the accumulation of many years of family life!  They managed it with a focused determination - they had systems in place for selling things on Facebook marketplace,  all the time ensuring everything was Covid safe. They gave things away that could be given away.  In the end they cleared and cleaned the house from top to bottom, including outbuildings - ready for handover to the new owners in an immaculate state.
They kept us well informed of their progress and we all felt immensely grateful for the job they did - we simply did not have the emotional capacity, practical skill or the time to so what had to be done.  They were like a pair of fairies who flew in, waved their magic wand and got the job done!  All of that in very difficult national circumstances.
I cannot recommend The Clutterflies highly enough.  Thank you so very much to both of you.

-The Fleming Family
(Feb 2021)