Frequently Asked Questions:

What about COVID-19?

We are taking the safety of our clients and ourselves very serious during the pandemic. Please review our COVID risk statement at this link for more information. 

Are you still operating during COVID-19?

Yes – During the current lock down, Government guidance permits working in client homes, 'where it is necessary...for example cleaners and tradespeople' 

Is using the services of a Professional Organiser worth it?

Yes – If you are committed to and ready to de-clutter, you want to have a place for everything, be able to find things easily, save time and money in the long run and want to experience peace of mind and a relaxing home.   See our testimonials

Will you make me throw things away?

No. What to keep and what to discard is completely your decision.  We will guide you through the steps to enable you to decide what you really love and what you don’t..

Will I have to be there throughout the tidying?

We love our clients to be with us to make decisions during the process, however, if this doesn’t suit your requirements for any reason (e.g. time constraints/ill health) we can personalise our service to your needs and can undertake tasks, to brief, without you being directly involved in the process.

What do I need to get ready before you come?

Nothing, apart from a commitment to start organising your home – the process is tailored to you, gentle, respectful and enjoyable. It is important to stay hydrated, so it’s a good idea to have liquid refreshments throughout the session.  We ask that you sign our terms and conditions before we start our first session.

Will my sessions be confidential?

Yes, absolutely.  We hold a Certificate of Registration of the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and apply all aspects of the Data Protection Act (DPA). See the Privacy Statementfor more information.

What payment methods are accepted?

Online bank transfers, cheques and cash. An invoice will be provided for each session.

What areas do you cover?

Our homes are within Surrey and West Sussex and can cover the Home Counties and London.   We are happy to travel to any area if you are happy to work with us.  We also have overseas associates in the Middle East, Spain and Australia that can assist if needed .

My Home is really messy and dirty, will you still work with me?

Yes, absolutely. We understand that people can sometimes feel embarrassed about their home being messy or cluttered, so we would like to emphasise that we will not judge you no matter the condition of your home. Please rest assured that your project will be carried out with confidentiality and sensitivity. 
We are also happy to help you lightly clean as we declutter and can organise full cleaning services if needed.

What happens to the De-clutter stuff?

We will recycle, re-home and refuse. Recycle to charity shops, freecycle or local recycling centres.    We will help take items to the charity shop of your choice.  We store and sell any unwanted furniture and items, taking a commission.  We like to think that most items from furniture, to electronics, to clothing, to old stamps/coins can be sold or given to be used and loved by someone else.  We have a extensive list of clients that we contact wanting certain items, including contacts at auction houses.

Do I need to buy storage solutions before the session?

No, let’s see what storage you have already. Once we have de-cluttered you may find you have enough storage or you may need to buy more.  We can advise.

How will we keep the clutter at bay?

Once you are enjoying your clutter-free loved home you will feel inspired and motivated to use my tips and advice on maintaining your lovely home long term. However, life does get in the way sometimes and if you feel you are slipping into old ‘clutter ways’, book another session or we can visit regularly to help.

Do you clean?

We will clean cupboards, shelving and corners as part of the de-cluttering process,  We can also organise our wonderful cleaners to come and give any house a clean from top to bottom  on request.

Are you affiliated to any organisations?

Yes, we are a member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) who have a strict Code of Ethic.

I have got other things in my life I need to organise. Do you do anything else?

Yes. We can organise anything you don't have time for - we have recently organised events, booked holidays, managed a house move, project managed a property renovation, styled rooms, found a new property - the list goes on. Anything you need organising, just ask and we will let you know if it's within our area of expertise 

My friend/relative needs your service. Can you help them?

If you call on behalf of someone else, we will just have a phone call with you first and then your relative or friend to make sure they are fully on board with the idea of us helping. 
We also offer gift vouchers printed or by email if you wish to give a declutter as a gift. 

I'm not able to physically help with the decluttering - is that ok?

Absolutely, we help clients from all backgrounds and of varying levels of physical mobility, ultimately what we really need is your brain for the decisions and we can do the rest!