.......Tidy house, tidy mind.

Moving House?
Looking to generate income from your home?
Or just in need of a refresh?

We are The Clutterflies, and we are here to help you declutter.  For house moves and general clearing, or getting your home in perfect shape for short-term holiday lets, long term rental or managing probate.

Our Story

 Having worked in their professions for a number of years, Julie as a Life & Executive Coach and Cherry as a Virtual PA, they realised that many of their clients constantly struggled with their home clutter and felt like they lived in disorganised homes.  The Clutterflies was born to offer clients a solution to declutter their home and therefore their minds.  Think home edit (popular on Netflix right now), but the Brits version! 

What we do:

  • Home clearance

  • Wardrobe Streamlining

  • Selling unwanted household items or clothes

  • General decluttering

  • Home Staging for property sales

  • Virtual decluttering

.......and anything else you need to clear your space.